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Carmilla Vive! is the feature film follow up to the award winning Modern Gothic vampire feature film Carmilla (2015).

In Carmilla our hero is fleeing religious persecution in France. Carmilla travels down the Mississippi River with one of the early French expeditions of the “new continent” entertaining her fellow voyageurs with ancient stories of pagan goddesses and warrior women. When a priest overhears Carmilla’s stories, he condemns her as a heretic and has her buried alive. Over three centuries later, Carmilla rises from her grave in Northern Iowa and seeks revenge on a small rural community.

In many ways Carmilla Vive! is not a sequel, but a re-imagining of the story, themes, and the central character Carmilla.


This time the vampire Carmilla is a pop singer, searching for Laura, the setting is Chicago, and trolls are about to confront their worst nightmares. Though on the surface Carmilla Vive! is a horror film,  the central focus of the narrative is a love story between Carmilla and Laura. The two, joined by Brigid and Kara, battle with legions of trolls who exist online and in the physical world. It will not be the apocalypse you expect!

The project is in pre-production and we will start filming during the summer of 2018. Follow us to keep up on the latest news about Carmilla Vive!


Carmilla (1871) Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

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Ginger Concept Trailer

Ginger Concept Trailer

Carmilla (2015) Trailer

Carmilla (2015) Trailer

Who is Carmilla Vive?

Jeff Harder – Producer, Director, & Cinematographer
Jeff Harder is an award-winning director and cinematographer based in Chicago who received an MF...
Screenwriting Team
Bea Cabrera, Serina Flores, Elizabeth Marley, Jeff Harder (not pictured), and Snezana Zabic (not p...
Production Team
Jeff Harder:Director Jeff Harder is an award-winning director and cinematographer based in Chicag...
Meet the Cast Carmilla: Isaly Viana Isaly, or Isa, is a Puerto Rican and Mexican-American a...
Friends of Carmilla
We would like to say a big thank you to all of our friends! Beans and Bagels: Adapt or Perish &nbs...


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Carmilla Vive! Casting Call
February 12, 2018
Production title: Carmilla Vive! Union / Non-Union: Non-Union Production Type: Independent /micro-budget Project length: Feature Project format: 4K Digital ...
Ginger Concept Trailer
November 14, 2017
Jeff Harder was the cinematographer and camera operator for the trailer.  Jimmy Boratyn and Melissa Beck-Boratyn are directors of the film Ginger.  We are e

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Carmilla Vive

10 months 1 week ago

It's not that long until we start filming Carmilla Vive! The first scene on our production schedule is set in the 19th century and has Christina Rossetti reading one of her poems to Carmilla (the vampire) while on a picnic. Christina will be played by Kalika Redman. Help support our cast and crew by donating today to our Indiegogo fundraiser.

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